Strategic Management 

Capstone Project



Group member of three-month long capstone learning project for strategic management course. At this stage in our academic career, we should be equipped to identify something you should learn. We were to choose something useful to learn, make and execute a plan, and deliver a brief set of resources and comments, a 7 minute video to be screen in class, and answers in a Q&A session following our video’s screening. Our projects could either be quantitative, academic, or book based topics. We chose a quantitative project which covered web scraping with Python. We created a video to showcase what it is, the ethics behind it, the program we created, alternatives, and why you should care to know about it.  In total, we spent about 20 hours on this project.


‣         Professor: Jason Kiley | Class: MKTG 4513 – Strategic Management

‣         Timeframe: Jan 2020 – Mar 2020, @ Oklahoma State University

‣         Team: Campbell Boulanger, Lydia Boatright, Emma Calhoun, James Lee, Taylor Whitefield

‣         Programs used: PyCharm, Final Cut Pro (Video Editing)

PyCharm Reviews: Pricing & Software Features 2020 -       Final Cut Pro X - Wikipedia


Source code

Learning project resources


 Identifying useful things to learn

 Working in a group to complete a project

Basic Python web scraping

 Utilizing Python libraries

 Web scrapping alternatives


While a “good” grade was a desirable outcome for this project, the goal was to equip ourselves and peers with valuable information in regards to a skill they may need to know. Regardless of  career path, we believe that web scraping is universally applicable and a highly sought after skill. Using time in and out of the classroom, a thoughtful and well executed video report was presented to the teacher and class which outlined our team’s findings throughout the semester long project. Positive feedback was given over our project. As a group, we received at 93% – A on this project.