Social Media Strategies

Team 5 – Design & Branding



Part of five person team tasked with taking over a companies social media platforms for a semester. The company we chose was focused on providing design and branding tips to new and seasoned business owners. This project focused on ways to build brand awareness and customer loyalty on social media and on a budget. We learned the basics of the main social media platforms as well as the newest social media trends.


‣         Professor: Kinda Wilson | Class: MKTG 4543 – Social Media Strategies

‣         Timeframe: Aug 2019 – Dec 2019, @ Oklahoma State University

‣         Team: Campbell Boulanger, Alex Mangold, Molly Louden, Ethan Sample, Kyle Krueger

‣         Programs used: Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, Later, Buffer, Zoom

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design and branding

Course / Project timeline

Week 1 – Group Formation, Social media understanding survey

Week 2 – Group Agreement, Branding and Target audience strategy

Week 3 – Zoom video post on twitter, Buyer Persona Assignment

Week 4 – Color Palette Assignment, Branded headers

Week 5 – Website creation / update

Week 6 – Social Media Calendar

Week 7 – Analyze and re-strategize – Social Media Strategy Sheet and Competitor Analysis

Week 8 – Buyer persona sleuthing

Week 9 – Analytics summary and ad launch

Week 10 – Creative posts, Analysis of Week 9 ad

Week 11 – Analysis and campaign strategy, Team social media week strategy sheet

Week 12 – Social media campaign week 1

Week 13 – Social media campaign week 2

Week 14 – Group presentation, Final paper due

*In addition to group work each week, this project incorporated weekly individual work, quizzes, and individual challenge.


  • To gain both a theoretical knowledge of social media and a skill set of tactics with which to market a company, person, or organization on social media.
  • Discuss the current social media climate and trends
  • Describe the demographic and other key differences among users of different social media platforms
  • Develop an overall social media strategy and content calendar for a company
  • Work with a team to create a cohesive brand image online
  • Posting strategically on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter
  • Using the tools Canva and Zoom to create branded images and videos for social media
  • Scheduling through tools such as Buffer to help maintain consistent social media content
  • Creating strategic web content that is SEO and social-media friendly
  • Improving remote-location team communication through tools such as Zoom
  • Executing a social media campaign with a team


Social Media Campaign Final Report

Individual Content Creation


 Working in a team to manage a brand’s digital image

 Re-strategizing a brand

Creating unique and engaging content

 Understanding analytics, metrics, and ads

Running a social media campaign over time


While a “good” grade was a desirable outcome for this project, the goal was to learn more about social media strategies using a semester long project. The project involved many creative and team oriented elements which helped simulate real world actives. Using techniques learned in class, a thoughtful and well executed final social media campaign spanning two weeks was presented to the professor which outlined our team’s results. As a group, we received an “A” on this project.